Cecilia Chao Chen


    PhD Candidate

    Department of Computer Science

    The Graduate Center

    The City University of New York





        Computer Vision and Graphics Lab

        1009E, Hunter College North, NY 10021

    Email: cchen at gc dt cuny dt edu



        Advisor: Dr. Ioannis Stamos

        Computer Vision and Graphics Lab

Other Interests


Thesis and Reports

        M.S. Thesis: Illumination Invariant Image Enhancement [document, slides]

        Ph.D. Second-level Exam Part I:  A Survey of Techniques on Range Image Segmentation and Registration [document, slides]

        Ph.D. Second-level Exam Part II: Doctoral Thesis Proposal: Range Image Registration Based on Linear and Nonlinear Features [abstract, document, slides]

        Ph.D. Thesis Project: Interactive Registration System for 3D range scans Based on Geometrical Shapes and Statistical Features



Working experiences

           Range image segmentation and registration, photo-realistic rendering.

          Color constancy; motion detection from video sequence; content-based image retrieval.

          Designing computer simulations and analyzing experimental results for multi-agent economic processes such as public goods trading and double auction.

          TA of courses: multimedia systems, data structure and algorithms, discrete mathematics.

          Mining web logs for prediction models in WWW caching and pre-fetching.

          Wireless telecommunication network management system; test designation for large-scaled telecommunication systems.

  Online shopping system; voice editing system; translating project documentations and product manuals.